12 February 2013

Christmas Village

I know it's February and Christmas seems like forever ago, but I had to share.  Most people have their favorite decorations and traditions, we do as well.  Pretty much since we've been married we have put up the Christmas Village and have added pieces every so often.  Me being me I thought that the porcelain village is really not my style, and that I needed a village of my own.  So with this thought in mind I went to one of my favorite sites, LEGO!  What could be better than LEGO and Christmas?  Nothing!  Because I have the awesomest wife in the world, I now have a LEGO village.  Not only is it fun to put together it is awesome as well!

Can't wait to see what new set they release this Christmas.


Courtney said...

It is an awesome village! I forgot to ask though, did you take it apart so you can reassemble each year or are you leaving stuff intact?

Jenny Moore said...

Oh Boy!
Steve and Eli would be right with you...looks like so much fun!

Linda said...

Wouldn't you know that YOU would find a Lego Christmas Village! I Didn't even know that they made such a thing! AWESOME! Pretty cool, Brent

Ash and Brent said...

I actually like it more than the porcelain one now. :)