18 February 2013

LEGO Bonus

For those not paying attention, I like LEGO, okay it may be bordering on obsession, but it's an awesome obsession.  Before Christmas we were at the LEGO store and there was a promotion going on, buy something now and come back after Christmas and fill your bonus box from the you-pick wall.  Last Friday was the day, I was totally stoked!  So with box in hand I proceeded to gather pieces and fill my box.  Being the engineer that I am and skilled in the ways of LEGO and tetris I maximized the space I had.  Just so you know this is not a large box, it is only 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".  You think to yourself that's not very big, almost not worth the effort...


...and if your not obsessed it might not be.

Again I am going to say I have the coolest wife ever!  She found a comfy chair, and thanks to free WiFi and pinterest, I spent 45 minutes filling my box.

Here is my stacked block, it is completely solid all the way through, no wasted space for me.

Pretty nice pile of free bricks if I do say so myself.  Just for comparison this is how may 'extra' bricks you can get if you tetris them all together instead of just dumping them in.


Linda said...

Brent, you make me laugh!!! BUT having been the recipient of many a luggage "packing" and many a "proctected" breakable - I KNOW first hand how good you are!!! That was proved once again by your packing of the Lego Box!!

Great Job!

Jenny Moore said...

Brent you the greatest Nerd I know!!!

Ash and Brent said...

I am the greatest wife ever! :)