20 October 2012

Fun with Vinyl

In preparation for my backpacking trip I needed some new water bottles.  When I got them them they were plain and boring, which is just not right.  Since I have an in with the Vinyl Lady I decided that they needed some decoration.

Aren't they awesome! I think so as well.


Courtney said...

Totally awesome! Love them! How do they hold up after a wash?

Jenny Moore said...

Those are totally awesome!!!
I'm glad you've got an amazing vinyl lady!!!!

Mom said...

They are very cute!!! Yes, you do have an "IN" with an AWESOME vinyl lady!!! She does good work and we get to benefit from it!!!

Thanks for sharing and it is good to read your blogs again...I've missed them!

You are a FANTASTIC back packer!!

Love ya,

Jess said...

Nice work! Way to have an "in" with the vinyl lady.
Hope you have a fun, safe trip :)