21 October 2008

Working Tourist

Currently I am working swing shift here in San Diego, so that means the mornings are mine to do as I please before having to head to work. I get to be a working-tourist. There are several things I have learned about people and events I’ve witnessed so here goes:

1) Things that are free rarely are, there is always, or almost always, a catch. Every Tuesday a different museum in Balboa Park is free, whoo hoo! free is good. While there is no monetary cost associated with visiting the museum there is a crowd/people cost. Most of the crowd consists of school age children on a field trip. While I understand it makes sense for schools to save their budgets and allow the kids a meaningful experience it makes things crowded and loud for the rest of us cheap people.

2) Signs and rules apply to everyone else. One of the free museums was the Museum of Photographic Arts. One would think, even without a sign, that taking pictures of the pictures would be frowned upon. Not for certain individuals, click click click. Just makes you want to go and lick their camera lens and then read sign to them.

3) The San Diego Zoo is big. While you can navigate the entire zoo in one day, its better to be able to enjoy it over the course of several months, which is why we have memberships. For those of you lucky enough to be in San Diego the first part of October, the zoo is free on the first Monday. That freeness comes with a cost though …

4) Regardless of where you are there is always a chance that you’ll bump into someone you know, or they’ll bump into you. We saw my brother-in-laws brother and wife (not sure what that makes us, but that’s a quandary for another day), at Disneyland. Its funny how our random paths through life often intersect.

5) Its really only cool to wear Mickey ears at Disneyland. So if you’re one of those Disney dorks out there, sorry. That’s why I’ll only don my mouse ears in the seclusion of my own living room and at Disneyland.


Jenny Moore said...

Yeah Brent!! We'd almost given up on you and blogging...welcome back!!
I love your insights to life...you remind me so much of dad (and I mean that in a good way).
Who did you see at Disneyland?

Brent & Ashley said...

Hey, who are you calling a Disney dork?


Julie said...

So you must have bumped into Joel, Paul, or Glen? "Its a small world after all!"

Love your blogs Brent- keep em coming!

Kathy said...

stumbled here through courtney and love your blog. your wry humor is very funny and refreshing. keep the observations coming.