28 October 2008

Flat Tires and Owwiee Fingers

Last week as we came back from grocery shopping I noticed that the rear passenger tire on the car was flat. Since we hadn’t driven the car for about a week and a half, it was probably flat for a while. Since there wasn’t anybody parked next to us I decided the put on the spare. Having never used the spare tire on the car, I had bad thoughts that it would be flat as well. Much to my relief the spare was in perfect condition. So I swapped tires and loaded the flat one in the truck. Because of work getting the tire fixed would have to wait till the next morning. Bright and early we headed out to a tire shop to get the flat fixed. The guys at the tire shop were really cool. They pulled the big nail out and patched the hole. After about 1/2 hour we were on our way again with all the tires inflated and all located where they were supposed to be.
Side note: Being in California right now, there is a ballot proposition to (Prop 8) define marriage as between and man and woman only. There are lots of radio and TV commercials for both sides, and it has gotten pretty ugly. I’m all for passing Prop 8, but not being a resident of the state I can’t vote here.
Back to my original story, the tire shop had a yes on Prop 8 sticker on the counter, so I felt good about supporting their business. That and they did a good job on fixing my tire.

In our apartment the electrical box is in the hallway, just out side of our bedroom. I turned off the lights in the living room and was heading toward the bedroom in the dark. Sometimes I’ll run my hand along the wall, just so I don’t run into anything. This time is wasn’t such a good plan. My fingernail caught under the electrical panel door and bent the nail from about half way down all the way back. It hurt a lot, blood oozed out from under the nail. Now that it’s been a couple of day I can touch it without it hurting, so it probably won’t need to be amputated.


Roy said...

Ack! I'm cringing just reading that ... must you seriously inflict your pain upon all the rest of us?! ;)

Jenny Moore said...

Ewww Eww Ewww...can I help you cut off your finger?!!!!!
Sorry...that really hurts.
We're all hoping Prop 8 passes..it's going to set a precedence and if it doesn't it's going to be scary.

Julie said...

OUCH!Hope it heals fast!

Court said...

When Ash told me about your fingernail I was cringing just hearing about it. Reading about it makes gives me the willies too!! That stinks! I hope your nail doesn't fall off!

John said...

If you do end up needing to amputate, Lucille can show you the perfect rock to do the trick.

Hope you haven't had to write any Long Forms recently.