21 July 2008

I'm Back - Finally

Wow! July already. Where has the year gone? So I haven’t updated my blog for a while (as most of you have noticed). Here are a few of the lame reasons that I’ll use in my defense:
I had to go to Groton Connecticut for work, the basement swallowed my life for many months, I spent time in San Diego for work, work has been insanely crazy so I just couldn’t spend any more time on a computer when I got home, and the most believable reason of all LEGO Star Wars. Okay I'm going to try and repent and make the wait so worth while. I promise.


Roy said...

Hah, Lego Star Wars! It totally rocks. I, too, was addicted until I finally got all 99 of the gold blocks. I finally built Darth Leia and all was good after that ... I could finally walk away.

Roy said...

Oh, and welcome back!