21 November 2008

Another Day in Paradise

It’s another day, or I should say night here in tropical San Diego. Working nights lately has not put me in a blogging mood, so I apologize. This last week I’ve been on the horrible 6pm to 6am shift. Yup, 12 hours sunset to sunrise. Working all night and sleeping for most of the day has put a damper on doing anything besides work. It’s all about work when you’re on TDY, but having free time is nice too. I really can’t complain too much I’ve had several weekends off and working normal swing shift (1430-2300) allows for activities in the morning.

On to a completely unrelated topic now. I read a couple of weeks ago that they published what the code names for our new First Family and Vice President’s Family (would they be the Second Family?) are going to be. Being the simple non-spy that I am, I would think that announcing to the world what your code name is kind of defeats the purpose of having said code name.

PS: If you haven’t stayed up till 2:30 in the morning recently, I wouldn’t recommend it. No good can ever come from being awake at this hour!


Jen said...

I don't know about that Brently...I was up until 3 am just this morning!!

Jess said...

That would seriously mess with my mind to sleep during the day. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time.

Julie said...

I heard the code names on the radio the other day and thought the same thing... perhaps that is the plan and thit is not their real code names!!!!

Go to bed... crazy guy staying up til 2am!