20 November 2007

Bad Cows

I have to rant for a minute. I read online that a super crazy environmental group is blaming cows for global warming and deforestation. They are urging us to stop drinking milk and eating meat. So if we all do what VIVA (the crazy group, not the milk producer) suggests aren’t we going to have a whole lot of cows with no purpose? So as a simple engineer here is an idea of what to do with all of our excess cows.

Let’s harness all those bad greenhouse gases that the cows are producing. We could refine it and market is as ‘bovine-diesel’. We could have the largest fuel producing region in the world, just imagine the entire Midwest in gas production. Or better yet we could go all back to the future and install a cow on every car, totally better than the Mr. Fusion. The folks in Texas would love the idea, instead of mounting a big longhorn rack on the front of their Cadillac they can install the whole bull.

I’m starting to make the “Moo-ve Over, Bovine on Board” bumper stickers right now, so place your orders early.

Seriously people, I’m as much of an environmentalist tree hugger as the next guy, but blaming cows for the problems of the world, is just crazy.


Julie said...

You make me laugh!

Jen said...

You should write a book! You're as good as Dave Barry!!
Cows good-tree huggers-bad!!!

Jess said...

Okay that was a funny post! You kill me.

I totally want a bumper sticker when you invent them.

What will they come up with next?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on such an important topic :0)

You're awesome Bent nail!