30 October 2007

Doorway to Where?

You may know that we have been doing some home improvement and remodeling on our basement. The ‘project’ originally started out to simply insulate the walls and paint. Over time the scope has greatly increased from a simple job to a complete overhaul and makeover. Since we will have new walls, and floor, why would we want to keep the old ugly beat-up doors? So out came the old doors and frames. Before the demolition I carefully measured each opening and made sure what direction each door opened. After making a beautiful sketch with all of the relevant information, destruction commenced.

The closet door is a bi-fold type door no door frame required. Super genius engineer that I am I carefully measured the door size to the existing frame. With the door frame removed the 30” door that I bought was too small for the 32” opening. No worries 32” is a standard size door so return the door I have and get the correct size door. Off to Home Depot to make a simple exchange. Normally you would think that if you have the product and a receipt it should be really easy to return an item. For some reason the barcode on my receipt would not scan properly so the cashier attempted to enter the receipt code in manually. After several failed attempts additional help was requested. So the other lady working the service desk came over and attempted to enter the code, same results. At this point I stated thinking that I was becoming quite attached to my closet door and should just keep it. Finally the head cashier came over to assist with my transaction. After about 15 minutes we finally get results, I got my $38 dollars back and it was time to get the correct size door. Amazingly enough it works better when you type in all the numbers on the receipt, huh. I wish I could say that it was a happy ending and all is well, but alas no. Picture if you will a nice row of closet doors all organized into sizes and styles. Down the row I go, 48”…. 36” ….. 30”, huh? Where is my 32” closet door? The manufacture makes a 32” door, I want a 32” door. How hard is this? Apparently very hard. Super genius engineer to the rescue, big door frame, smaller door, duh! make a smaller door frame. Once again I need to buy a 30” door. The three doors that are on the shelf all look pretty beat up, I don’t want a damaged door. Ashley suggests that we go get the one we just returned. So no problem just walk nonchalantly up to the return counter and grab my original door and hope the lady that helped return it doesn’t notice. So after everything I end up with the same door that I started out with. I was hoping that it would be on sale the second time around, but no, at least the price didn’t go up.


Jen said...

You are a super genius!!
Bob would be so proud of you!!!

Julie said...

Nice Brent... In the words of Bob, "Hey, come look at my dumb kid!"